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ActiveReports is a complete reporting solution that includes an extensive .NET reporting library with API, data visualization and navigation controls, designers, and distributable viewers for desktop, web, and mobile.

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Two Editions to Choose From

ActiveReports comes in two editions to suit your needs: Professional Edition, which includes all of the features ActiveReports has to offer and a more cost-conscious Standard Edition that you can use if you do not require the WebViewer control, HTTP Handlers, End User Designer control, Maps, Table of Contents, and some of the more advanced PDF Export features. For more detailed information to determine which version will best serve your needs, refer to the Compare Editions page.

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Customizable Viewers for Every Platform

Embed our fully customizable viewers into your HTML5, WPF, WinForms, ASP.NET, or Flash applications. Our viewers include support for everything your end users need including Table of Contents, annotations, thumbnails, and parameters. Additionally, the HTML5 viewer is touch-friendly. These viewers are royalty-free and ready to use so there is no need to code your own.

Report Types for Every Need

ActiveReports can generate these primary report types:

  • Page Reports (Fixed Layout) provide developers with a new way of creating reports where layout is the primary focus. Great for creating invoices, prospectus reports, forms, or other highly structured reports.
  • RDL Reports (Continuous Layout) make it easy to create reports using tables, crosstabs, charts, and other data regions with flexible layouts which flow across pages.
  • Section Reports (Banded Layout) follow the tradition of previous ActiveReports versions and are similar to Access reports. Using code-behind or scripts, you can respond to the various events that occur while the report generates to create extremely customized reports that are difficult to produce with other products.
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Complete Collection of Data Display Contols

ActiveReports includes a collection of controls and tools that help you display and visualize data. You can choose to display data in simple tables, lists, and matrices or visualize and transform data in charts, barcodes, maps, and sparklines. ActiveReports also gives you design tools that help you be more efficient and control output. Included are layers for grouping report elements, conditional formatting, and more.

Event-based Scripting or Property Expressions

With ActiveReports, you can use scripts and property expressions to control the report's run-time behavior. This allows your application to apply conditional formatting, data formatting, and calculations dynamically.

Fully Customizable End-User Designer and Visual Query Designer

ActiveReports includes two designers that you can use in Visual Studio or embed into your applications to give users the power to design their own reports in a code-free environment. First, the Report Designer is a full-featured point-and-click report authoring environment that helps you connect to data, display it with controls, set layout and theme, and more. This designer is fully customizable, so you can control what functionality to make available to your end-users. Second, the Visual Query Designer helps people generate their own queries without needing to know SQL.

Popular Features

More Popular Features

  • Fast .NET Reporting Engine

    The ActiveReports reporting engine, which gets and processes data into the report layout, is highly streamlined and focused on performance. We do our best to ensure that the engine uses memory optimally and completes the report layout efficiently.

    Fast .NET Reporting Engine
  • Flexible .NET API

    ActiveReports offers an extensive .NET API that gives control of virtually everything though code. We integrate with Visual Studio as a native toolset and provide developers the same control as they expect from other tools. All the properties that can be set through the designer IDE are available in code. Events are also available to control what happens when reports are initialized, run, rendered, exported, and printed.

    Flexible .NET API
  • Convert from other Reporting Tools

    ActiveReports includes utilities that convert reports from other tools, including Crystal Reports. These converters are easy to use, wizard-driven, and will save you time manually converting and building reports from scratch.

    Convert from other Reporting Tools
  • Full Localization Support

    All aspects of your project and outputs can be localized and ActiveReports supports all major language character sets and locales. Standard and custom multi-byte character sets are supported. ActiveReports is also available in multiple languages.

    Full Localization Support
  • Royalty Free XCOPY Deployment Capability

    ActiveReports is a developer licensed product. When redistributing the ActiveReports reporting engine along with your product/project, your deployment is royalty free. The deployment is also copy friendly and works by just copying the assemblies to the required project directories. This helps with the integration of ActiveReports deployments with your project deployment mechanism (such as install shield, etc.). Essentially, project deployment does not need to run an installer for ActiveReports to be able to include reports.

    Royalty Free XCOPY Deployment Capability
  • Rich Charting Controls

    ActiveReports includes controls for several different types of charts, such as bar, pie, bubble charts, scatter, bullet, and sparklines.

    Rich Charting Controls
  • Barcodes

    Bar Codes help with tracking goods movement and other operational procedures. ActiveReports offers extensive support for major bar coding algorithms and you can easily include the bar code type that is required for your project.

  • Drill-down Interactivity

    ActiveReports doesn't simply produce static, printed reports. You can give your end-users engaging interactivity including master-detail drill-down, parameter filtering, and sorting.

    Drill-down Interactivity
  • Advanced Data Visualization Controls

    ActiveReports goes beyond the traditional chart and gives you advanced data visualization tools such as maps and banded lists to create meaningful data summaries.

    Advanced Data Visualization Controls
  • Custom Control Support

    Since ActiveReports is extensible and integrates tightly with your applications, it supports the use of custom controls. All you need to do is add your custom control to your project and use it just as you would on of those included with ActiveReports.

    Custom Control Support
  • Export Reports to Multiple Formats

    ActiveReports exports to the full breath of modern document types such as PDF (with advanced security support), Excel, Word, RTF, HTML, Text, XML, and TIFF. As with other aspects of the reporting lifecycle, the export process is also extensible using the API.

    Export Reports to Multiple Formats
  • Granular Control over Report Printing

    ActiveReports gives developers system level control of printer jobs, paper sizes, pages per sheet, duplex/booklet printing, and paper trays. This level of control is important to have when working with pre-printed forms and specific color-based paper outputs (like duplicate invoice copies). Some examples for this are using different trays for different type of paper for reports (letter head stock and plain stock), printing on different gutter/margins for odd pages/even pages, printing on labels/envelope stock, and so on.

    Granular Control over Report Printing
  • Scriptable Runtime Events

    Reports designed in ActiveReports have scriptable events that can be during report execution and allow you to control the behavior of the report. These events allow advanced report manipulation at runtime, enabling developers to dynamically add controls, add fields, manipulate data in both bound and unbound reports, perform calculations, and change a report's formatting. You would typically need to write a wrapper around the running report to do all of these things and manage your own events. ActiveReports' built in events will make your job easier and save you time.

    Scriptable Runtime Events
  • Selective Control Printing based on Target Output

    Many reports do not look the same in all output formats (i.e. screen, PDF, print) and that can make printing difficult. Through its Layer feature, ActiveReports gives you the ability to use specific controls for specific output and toggle those controls on screen to make design easier.

    Selective Control Printing based on Target Output
  • Per Developer Licensing, No Royalty Fees

    ActiveReports is licensed per developer, and deployed applications and websites that use ActiveReports can be distributed without limit, without royalty fees, and have no end user license requirements.

    Per Developer Licensing, No Royalty Fees
  • Optional Maintenance Plan

    ActiveReports includes an optional annual maintenance add-on which includes phone, email and prioritized forum support. It also includes hot fixes, service packs and major releases for the year.
    Optional Maintenance Plan

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