TATI Finds an Alternative to SQL Server Reporting Services


Team Askin Technologies, Inc (TATI) is an information technology service provider to government and businesses. TATI has established an outstanding track record of successful regulatory systems, insightful business process reengineering (BPR), and responsive support services.

Business Challenges

We were looking for a flexible alternative to Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) that was cost-effective as well. We hoped to find something that we could quickly integrate into our web-based product. The main concerns were that we might lose features, and that moving from an established product to one which was brand new could be risky.


A missing feature that was important to us, drilldown reporting, was quickly added to the product. The majority of other issues we had were resolved and the customer support has been quick and very proactive.

The flexible licensing model and browser-based administration, report design, and report viewing are the most outstanding features. The ability to expose the designer functionality with zero footprint on the client was paramount to successfully deploying the solution in our customer environments.

The ability to utilize a custom security provider allowed us to integrate ActiveReports Server components into our application with very little back-end code. The built-in model-level data partitioning is another feature that simplified our integration significantly. Our application must be able to provide ad-hoc reporting to multiple customers in a co-hosted environment. This feature ensures that customers see only their own data.

Would you recommend ActiveReports Server?

Yes, I would recommend ActiveReports Server because the report designer and viewer work well in all of the current browsers and platforms. The system is easy for end-users and administrators alike.

Looking Forward

Keep up the great work, we’re looking forward to the next round of ActiveReports Server enhancements!

Team Askin Technologies, Inc. Team Askin Technologies, Inc.

Joe Loyd, System Architect


Published 9/4/2012