ActiveReports Server offers a web based report designer, built-in load balancing, plug-and-play scalability, multi-tenant deployment, server based Print Management, and Single Sign-On support. For end users, the web designer offers an ad hoc reporting environment and the HTML5 Report Portal completes the reporting experience with scheduling, exporting and more. No more need to compile and redistribute your project to change reports.

A Platform to Host, Secure, and Publish Reports

ActiveReports Server is a reporting platform designed for ActiveReports. It provides a complete reporting module out of the box, plus building blocks that you can integrate or embed within your application.

  • Developers

    Use the developer version of ActiveReports to design reports and deploy them to the report server. The RESTful API lets you integrate the report server with your own web applications.

  • Server Administrators (IT Teams)

    ActiveReports Server provides a web-based dashboard where administrators monitor, manage, and configure server-side items such as role-based permissions, reports, folders, scheduling, and data models.

  • Report Authors

    The web based report designer offers a self-service environment for technical as well as non-technical users to design new ad-hoc reports or modify existing ones for their use.

  • End Users

    End users log in to the Report Portal with any desktop or mobile browser to view, query, schedule, and export reports. You can also give users access to server reports from your ActiveReports viewer applications.

A Platform to Host, Secure, and Publish Reports

Consolidate Reporting Without Changing Reports

Automated End User Tasks

  • Schedule Report Execution

    End Users can schedule reports from the Report Portal to be delivered as attachments or links via email or windows file share.

  • Create Batch Print Jobs

    Users can create batch print tasks for reports for prints on print devices attached to the Server.

  • Managed Schedule Templates and Printer Management

    Administrators can manage all aspects of recurrence, security, authorization, print settings, and other properties for all the scheduled activities using the Administrative Dashboard.

Automated End User Tasks

Data Governance and Multi-Tenant Ready Server

  • Secure Your Data

    Set up rules to limit information by company and department, restrict sensitive information to those with clearance, deliver different data to different customers, or brand reports for different audiences. Use isolated, shared, or hybrid data sources. Custom security providers support all types of multi-tenancy.

  • Govern and Transform Your Data

    Create server based Shared Datasources and Shard Datasets to control what data your end users and report designers have access to. End Users don't need to write their own queries, they just use the dynamic queries defined on the server for them.

  • Extensible Security Provider

    ActiveReports Server Core provides built in extensibility for the security module, so you can integrate with virtually any authentication methodology or security system your application is currently using.

Data Governance and Multi-Tenant Ready Server

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  • Responsive HTML5 Report Portal

    The server includes a Report Portal where users can log in on any mobile or modern desktop browser and browse, view, print, schedule, and export reports.

  • Publish from Visual Studio

    Developers can author reports in Visual Studio and publish them directly to the server from the designer.

  • End User Ad Hoc Reporting

    End users can design ad-hoc reports using the web based report designer or publish them from your WinForms application.

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Load Balancing and Scalability

  • Grow with Your User Base

    A single controller on a server works with multiple agents on connected servers to allow plug-and-play expansion. Controllers distribute report execution requests between agents for optimal performance.

Load Balancing and Scalability

Benefits for Everyone

  • For Developers

    • Developer report publishing to the server with versioning
    • Built-in scalability and optimization
    • Embeddable web-based report portal
    • Scheduling engine for report distribution
    • Extensible security architecture
    • Comprehensive RESTful API
  • For Managers

    • Single-Sign-On and multi-tenant support
    • Data governance and transformation
    • Self-managing scalability and load balancing
    • Web-based resource management and configuration
    • Seamless integration and re-branding
    • No fuss installation and maintenance
    • Hassle-free perpetual licensing
  • For End Users

    • Web-based Report Designer
    • Web-based Report Portal
    • Server collaboration
    • Subscription-based scheduling
    • Fast report execution
    • Common file format exports
    • Report Portal printing
    • Batch printing

Other Popular Features

  • Extensive and Flexible Security

    Extensive and Flexible Security

    End-to-end security management ensures that ActiveReports Server fits your security. Choose built-in ActiveDirectory and LDAP security providers, or your own provider. Use the Administrator Dashboard to manage roles, permissions, licenses, users, and security. Apply business rules to users, folders, and reports.

  • Developer Friendly RESTful API

    Developer Friendly RESTful API

    The extensive RESTful API lets developers pre-authenticate users, embed all or part of the Report Portal, make parts of the administrative tasks available to some users, or implement other complex features leveraging the functionality of the server.

  • Integrated Web-Based Report Designer

    Integrated Web-Based Report Designer

    The ActiveReports Server Designer add-on lets users design reports in the Report Portal. It is designed for end-user ad-hoc reporting and requires minimal technical skill. The Designer is installed with ActiveReports Server in trial mode.

  • Integrated ClickOnce End User Report Designer

    Integrated ClickOnce End User Report Designer

    The ActiveReports Server Designer add-on also includes a ClickOnce End User Report Designer for power users to be able to design and modify RDL Reports, Page Reports and Section Reports. This ClickOnce Report Designer is customizable and extensible to meet your users needs.

  • Low Maintenance Server

    Low Maintenance Server

    ActiveReports Server is designed for easy implementation and maintenance. It installs on Windows and IIS, installs upgrades automatically, and requires no manual steps to configure IIS, WCF, or Windows Services. Built-in diagnostics help identify and address security concerns.

  • No CALs or Per-User Fees = Low Total Cost of Ownership

    You need only license the server; we never charge royalties or end-user licenses. All licenses are perpetual and there are no additional costs for agents as your deployment scales.

Even More Features

  • Server Data Sources

  • Server Data Sets

  • Server Report Stylesheets

  • Role Based Security

  • Categories

  • Drill Down Interactivity

  • Active Directory Integration

  • LDAP Authentication

  • Server Images

  • Galley Mode Previews

  • Portal UI Customization

  • Printer Management

Get Started

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