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ActiveReports 11 Server Core optimizes performance with multifold improvements. Service Pack 2 adds speed to the new interactive sorting and a pageless view mode to the HTML5 Viewer, server managed printers and batch print scheduling, and makes it easy to customize colors and branding for the Report Portal and Administrative Dashboard.

  • New Web Designer

    New Web Designer

    The new web designer brings the depth of features available in the Visual Studio integrated designer to the web platform using HTML5 technology. End users and power users can now design reports using their choice of data models or shared data sources and shared datasets, all right in their browsers.

  • User-Defined Ad-Hoc Datasets

    User-Defined Ad-Hoc Datasets

    We understand that not all datasets can be defined beforehand. Some datasets need to be tweaked to get more data from the data source, even for just one report variant. User-defined ad-hoc datasets in the new web designer let your power users define new queries for your ad-hoc reports.

  • Faster Interactive Sorting

    Faster Interactive Sorting

    The latest round of speed enhancements makes columns and rows re-sort very quickly when you click an interactive sort button.

  • Schedule Enhancements

    Schedule Enhancements

    Empty Report Handling
    Choose whether to send notifications when scheduled reports contain no data.

    Time of Day Recurrence
    Admins can now create schedule templates that run reports at specific times during the day. For example, every 15 minutes from 9am to 5pm on weekdays.

    "End On" Date
    Users can now time bind scheduled reports so that they only run until a certain date. For example, "send me the daily report until the end of next month."

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  • Improved Performance

    Improved Performance

    Optimized ActiveReports rendering makes server-based report execution and web-based rendering even faster. First page load times are 20 times faster and overall report load times are twice as fast as before.

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  • Printer Management and Batch Printing

    Printer Management and Batch Printing

    The new Print Management module lets administrators manage the printers available to end users. End users can select the printer to use when scheduling the automated printing of batches of reports. No need to download a report from the server to print it. You can set up the whole process to run on the server.

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  • Pageless Report Preview

    Pageless Report Preview

    It is easier to comprehend reports that grow both vertically and horizontally with one continuous, pageless view that you can scroll rather than viewing the overflow on disconnected pages. The new HTML5 Report Viewer enables this with a Galley Mode view.

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  • Interactive Sorting in the HTML5 Viewer

    Interactive Sorting in the HTML5 Viewer

    The HTML5 Viewer integrated with the Report Portal adds to the rich user experience with interactive sorting support for RDL and Page reports. You can now design reports that allow run-time users to change the sort order of data in columns right in the viewer.

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  • Customize Colors and Logo

    Customize Colors and Logo

    We have added a UI Theme editor that lets you easily customize the color scheme for the Report Portal and Administrator Dashboard to match the theme of your product. You can change logos and colors right from the Administrator Dashboard without making any updates to CSS or config files.

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  • Fully Customizable Report Portal on GitHub

    Fully Customizable Report Portal on GitHub

    Create a custom Report Portal with our REST API. Our sample on GitHub replicates the functionality of the built-in Report Portal so you can experiment. Turn features on or off. Change colors. Change action behaviors. Fork the repository, contribute bug fixes, or just use it as a reference.

    GitHub Repository
  • ClickOnce Report Designer App

    ClickOnce Report Designer App

    With the optional ActiveReports Server Report Designer add-on, the new ClickOnce Report Designer lets power users design RDL, Page, and Section reports right from the Report Portal. You can even customize it with the ActiveReports End User Designer controls.

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